Short CV

Current Position

:european_union: Senior R&D Scientist, Corsmed AB, Sweden

2022 - ongoing I am a Senior Scientist in the Research and Development department of Corsmed AB. We develop the leading MRI simulator for education, training and research.


:european_union: PhD student, Inria, France

I defended my thesis entitled Computational Brain Connectivity Mapping in February 2021, obtaining the title of PhD in signal and image processing from Université Côte d’Azur, Nice, France. I worked under the supervision of Rachid Deriche and Samuel Deslauriers-Gauthier.

We treated problems related to brain imaging via diffusion MRI.

  • Multi-Tissue Multi-Compartment models of the diffusion MRI signal in the brain.
  • Re-establishing quantitativeness in tractography via tractogram filtering.
  • Atlas-based topological differences between structural connectomes.

Here’s the manuscript of my thesis.

:switzerland: Research Scientist, EPFL, Switzerland

In 2017 I worked for three months in the LTS5 laboratory on the analysis of tractography filtering techniques with applications on real data.

:european_union: B.Sc. and M.Sc in Mathematics, University of Verona, Italy

I got my bachelor and master degree in mathematics from the University of Verona (Italy) in March 2017. I followed the applied mathematics track, mostly taking courses in functional and numerical analysis, optimization, differential and computational geometry, stochastic processes and partial differential equations. After a brief excursion into the field of mathematical finance, I spent the last semester at EPFL (Switzerland) laboratory working on my master thesis entitled “Hierarchical Sparsity with Non-Negativity Constraints in Large Scale Optimization” supervised by Prof. Giandomenico Orlandi (Verona), Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran and Prof. Alessandro Daducci (EPFL).


:european_union: Postdoc, Inria, France

2021 I have worked as a Postdoctoral researcher in the ATHENA team at Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée. My focus was on problems related to the estimation and analysis of structural brain connectivity from diffusion MRI data.

:european_union: Lecturer - University of Verona

I taught two short courses to the students of the M.Sc. in Mathematics.

  • 2021 “Brain imaging with diffusion magnetic resonance imaging”. Link.
  • 2018 “Signals, optima and sparse structures: the Python way”. Link.

:european_union: Lecturer - University of Cote D’Azur

2018 Lecture on “Brain connectivity estimation and analysis” for the M.Sc. in Modeling of Neuronal and Cognitive Systems. Link.

:european_union: Founder and President - Associazione Alumni Matematica Verona

2019 - ongoing Together with some former colleagues, we founded the Alumni Matematica Verona, which gathers the alumni of the bachelor and master programs in mathematics of the University of Verona, Italy. We organise the “Veronesi Tutti Math” seminar series and we help young students orienting into the diverse world of mathematics. The association has been officially endorsed by the University. I currently serve as president of the association.

:european_union: Student representative - University of Verona, Italy

2014-2016 I served as a student representative in the governing bodies of the bachelor and master programs in mathematics of the University of Verona, Italy.